Syarahan Bahasa Inggeris - Kewajipan Menuntut Ilmu

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

First of all, lets pray and thank unto our god Allah who has been giving us some mercies and blessings so we can attend and gather in this place in good condition and happy situation.
Science has an important role in this journey of life. With someone would be steadier in the exercise of worship to God Almighty, know the actual purpose and essence. However, in contrast to someone who is blind would be the science of religion, then everything you do will not know the basics and real purpose. It is not to impinge on the Muslims and we should realize every Muslim  has a duty to study.

Seek the knowledge and you must get priority on every Muslim. People learned and then know the road that will be traveled. People crave a happy life in the world and it must have knowledge. People who crave happiness the world hereafter shall have science anyway. Therefore be not to feel tired to study, and anywhere we have to keep looking though the country of China, as a similar.

All attendees who are blessed.

Many ways is carried out  to look for knowledge. Some seek knowledge by listening to Religious and some are looking for science through reading books. Also some seek knowledge through schools, and many more seek trough science resource. But keep in mind that it is known and seeking the most dominant is to start children of school age. Because with a great opportunity, the children of early age still have a strong catching power. The science is really as capital material on the life of the days to come. Science has accepted the children start early with a serious manner. It will be marked and remembered constantly. So the importance of the study started early, meaning they can really reach a golden opportunity. As with science, then it could support the full of life now and tomorrow and in the next future.

All attendees who are blessed,

Once we find the science seriously, do not forget to practice. The learned are obligated to practice the science not hidden. When someone has a science and then hidden, then the threat will be received. So the short blurb that we pass, with hopeful we have servants including religious studies. We want to apply in everyday life so happy world of the afterlife.

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

pidato bahasa inggris kewajiban menuntut ilmu

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